5 New Construction Trends

The construction industry is always changing. With new ways to create materials and with off-site prefabrication processes becoming more cost and time effective, it might seem hard to keep up with the new trends.

At Tallen Builders of Ocala, FL, we want to help you stay up to date with all the best practices in the construction industry. By servicing the central Florida area for over 35 years, we have gained experience with the current changes to the industry and how to better serve you, our client. Read more below to learn about the top five new construction trends.

Pre-Fab Construction

Prefabricated construction has picked up popularity quickly over the last few years. As it becomes more affordable and consistent, there is a new trend to use pre-fab construction when expecting bad weather conditions or working with limited space. With pre-fab construction, a lot of the actual building is done off-site in a controlled environment. This can increase productivity and minimize potential risks that occur on-site. Depending on the materials and your project, this might be a cost-saving method as well.

Permanent Modular Construction

Modular construction methods have also gained popularity over the last few years. Touching on the pre-fab concept, this is an efficient method using the same techniques as commercial construction but on a smaller residential scale. Permanent modular construction helps in areas with limited space. Cranes are used to lift and place the modules allowing for easy additions to be added on later.

5 New Construction Trends

Energy Efficiency

With everyone becoming more energy conscious, it only makes sense that businesses are starting to monitor their energy consumption as well. It takes a lot of energy to run all the machines and tools on a construction site, and monitoring these additional costs can add up. Depending where you live, new construction codes are including an energy efficiency requirement to try and reduce overall emissions.

Single-Design Model

Today, with the advancement of technology, there has been a shift to have everything all in-house. From engineering to coordinating the project, you can save time and be more cost effective by not having to share physical documents between the engineer and contractor. With 3D printing and modeling, even more information can be obtained about the project before the first brick has been laid.

5 New Construction Trends


With the coupled advancement of technology and off-site prefabrication, it is now easier and faster to assemble all the building blocks. Instead of having to join one piece at a time, you can do them in bulk. If in need of specific or special materials, those can be crafted and then assembled prior to being on-site. Adapted sheet metal and engineered-wood beams are two examples of newer materials.

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