Mulberry Grove Animal Hospital Addition/Renovation

Mulberry Grove Animal Hospital is getting an addition built on to their existing office looking to open around Spring.

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FL Elks Youth Camp Kitchen Addition

FL Elks Youth Camp has been such a success that they needed to expand their kitchen facility.

We attached an addition of about 3,000 sq ft to the area.

The kitchen area now sits around 5,000 sq ft which opens up much more space for all their needs.



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Marion County Hospital District Administrative Office

Shortly after we finished the Heart of Florida project we moved right next door in May and started this new build for the Marion County Hospital District.

This interior build out is about 11,000 sq ft of administration offices. The space has a clean and modern aspect to it with colors featured in various flooring, and feature walls, which seem to be the NEW thing in Commercial Buildings.

This office will have a board room, conference room, break room, training room, and even features an athletic room for their employees.

Expected project end date to be in the fall.

Architect: Michelle Partin at Partin Architecture Company http://partinarchitecture.com/index.html

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Ocala Eye of Dunnellon

Recently we completed a 18,000 sq ft building in the Heathbrook plaza for Ocala Eye.

We broke ground in Dunnellon on their next office location. This location will offer the same expertise that the other locations offer.

This building is just under 3,000 sq ft.

Architect: Joe Rispoli with Rispoli & Associates Architecture, Inc.

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Cornerstone School 2019/2020 Addition


Cornerstone School is a project that started with a Demolition phase of their old portables making room for their new addition.

Future plans, are to expand, giving the teachers and students new places to learn and grow.

The 11,000 sq ft facility will feature 5 new multi classrooms and an art room.

Stay Tuned for updated progress!!


Architect: Terry Johnson at JSA Architects http://www.jsaaia.com/

Engineer: Paolo Mastroserio at Mastroserio Engineering


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Heart of Florida

Tallen Builders worked with the members of Heart of Florida and Partin Architecture to complete the construction of their new building, a 30,000 square ft medical facility. This building is being converted from an existing grocery store to house multiple medical offices, training facilities and additional room for future growth.

Architect: Michelle Partin at Partin Architecture Company http://partinarchitecture.com/index.html


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World Equestrian Sales Center

Located in the New area of the https://worldequestriancenter.com/locations/ocala-florida/

This 8,000 sq ft building is a fun and beautiful high end build with custom finishes.

Every week it forms into something more and we cant wait to show the completion photo’s when the time comes.

Stay Tuned!

Architect: Richard Lee Wu

Engineer: George Horton of Tillman & Associates Engineering LLC http://tillmaneng.com/

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Real Truck at Heath Brook


As an 18,000 sq ft existing building we went in and put up multiple walls, electrical, and new plumbing to create a beautiful office layout for their Human Resource, Accounting, Web Development, Marketing, and Executive Teams.

The office has pops of their signature yellow and black logo, and comes with a Game Room and Work Cafe for the staff.

Architect: Joe Rispoli with Project Associate Dave Kinney with Rispoli & Associates Architecture, Inc. https://rispoliarchitect.com/


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Elks Youth Camp Storage/Laundry Facility

The Elks Youth Camp is a favorite place to Tallen Builders.

We went out there to put up a few new buildings for them to serve as a Service Building and a Laundry Facility equating to 15,000 sq ft.

This camp does so much for our community we are always willing to help when they call.

Check out their website today: https://www.floridaelks.org/youth-camp

Architect: Terry Johnson at JSA Architects http://www.jsaaia.com/


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Ocala Eye at Heath Brook


Building was existing and we went in and created a medical office unit, equipped with a sales area, exam rooms, and lobby for the clients.

Architect: Joe Rispoli with Rispoli & Associates Architecture, Inc.




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VOCAL Animal Shelter

VOCAL is a wonderful cause and we were delighted to help them when they called.

We built a 2,750 sq ft Community Clinic/Service Center. It will serve as a support base for their already existing programs to help ensure that the animals they care for have the treatment needed and those who adopt from them have the services to help them be great fur-parents.


Engineer: Paolo Mastroserio at Mastroserio Engineering Inc.


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Belleview Police Department Renovation

The old Belleview Police Department needed an uplift and additional room to fit their staff, it now sits at 10,117 sq ft.

We went in and did minor demolition, built up additional walls and ceilings and brought the building back to life with new finishes.



Architect: Joe Rispoli with Rispoli & Associates Architecture, Inc.




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Belleview City Hall Renovation

The City Hall Building was built back in 1928, and was last updated in 1995 but was showing clear signs of its history.

We evaluated what was needed and worked to get things like carpet, air conditioning, interior and exterior paint, and updated lighting to enforce energy savings. We renovated 3,618 sq ft of the 10,000 sq ft building.

A part of history has been restored and all the staff members, and the community are enjoying it.


Architect: Joe Rispoli with Rispoli & Associates Architecture, Inc.



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Katya Vineyards

Located in the beautiful area of Downtown Ocala we worked on this interior remodel for the Katya Vineyards.  A little over 1200 sq ft this Wine Bar and Tasting Room is an upscale elegant retail venue to showcase and sell their wine. They also have a small area for business meetings. The Vineyards Tasting Room kept the original ambiance of the Castro Building with the brick arches and dark tile floor similar to the entry way, with a few upgrades of their own.


Architect: J Snell Daniels Designs   https://www.jsnelldaniels.com/

Engineer: Riddle Consulting Engineers  http://www.riddleengineering.com/


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Beyond Bronze Sun Studio & Spa

In the Colours plaza on hwy 200 we renovated a 3,000 sq ft space to include multiple rooms and a lobby area.

Beyond Bronze, tanning salon is a state of the art natural healing health spa.


Architect: Rolando Sosa of Architecture Studio, Inc.  http://sosarchitect.com/


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Stadium Club

Roberts Stadium Club located in Gainesville is a building that offers everything from office, retail, and residential space to restaurants and parking.

We got the opportunity to work on the 7,000 sq ft interior build out of the 5th floor for high end residential living. The penthouse suites, which are customizable and offer great panoramic views of the University of Florida Stadium, private elevators, and many more luxurious amenities.


Architect: Smith Santiesteban Allen Architecture Inc.

Engineer: B&W Structural Designs Inc. & AEI Architectural Engineering Inc.

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Alarion Bank

This 4,000 sq ft building which used to be Alarion Bank is now Renasant Bank, equipped with a lobby area, multiple work stations and executive offices and conference rooms.

Architect: JSA Architects P.A.  http://www.jsaaia.com/

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Chelsea Plaza Business

We renovated this office after combining 2 office spaces into the one,  for a business. We restored the building in its entirety with everything from ceiling to floors, and electrical to plumbing.

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