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Let’s say you’ve bought a new sports car. Or perhaps you splurged on a designer piece of clothing. It’s a given that you’d want to take extra special care of your new luxury item.

So why is it that so many people skimp on taking care of the most expensive item they own – their home? As general contractors in Ocala, we at Tallen Builders understand the importance of proper home maintenance. Here are the most common home maintenance mistakes you need to avoid for the health of your home.

Slacking on Gutter Maintenance

Gutter Maintenance

Although they may do it well, the purpose of a gutter is not to be a catchall for every leaf that comes your roof’s way. When your gutter is filled with debris, not only does it become useless, but it can cause damage to other areas of your home. The water buildup will eventually wear away at your roof and leak into your home. Your gutter could also become so heavy from the debris that it breaks away from your home, taking parts of the roof it’s attached to with it. It’s a lot less expensive to clean out your gutters every other week than to pay for roof repairs.

Disregarding Curled Shingles

Often times homeowners will overlook curled roof shingles, but this is a big mistake. Much more often than not, it means there’s water damage. In Florida, asphalt shingles often begin to deteriorate in about 12 to 14 years. The curling shingles indicate this deterioration, and a certified general contractor should be contacted to fix the problem.

Letting Dust Accumulate

Dust Accumulation

Dust causes more damage to your home than you might think. When left to sit for too long, dust can begin to deteriorate different surfaces and items in your home. While the obvious is to clean the dust on surfaces you can see, don’t forget the unexposed areas of your home as well. Dust buildup on your air filters will prevent proper air flow and reduce your air conditioning, while too much dust on your refrigerator coils can cause them to break down early. If you have carpeting, excess dust will actually begin to eat away at the carpet fibers.

Ignoring Grout Cracks

The grout between your tiles is not just for aesthetic purposes, it’s made to seal out moisture. So if there is a crack, it can’t do its job. While ignoring these cracks is a big mistake, you also shouldn’t simply add more grout. When you do this, you end up sealing in existing moisture which will lead to mold and loose tiles. It’s better to remove the old grout and start fresh.

Take care of these common household maintenance mistakes and you’ll avoid much larger, and costlier, fixes down the road. If you’re looking to remodel or have your new home built using high quality standards, reach out to us at Tallen Builders in Central, FL. You can also find us on any of our social channels to talk about home construction.

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