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Typically the social hub of a home, the kitchen is one of the homeowners most used rooms. The last thing you want is a kitchen layout that impedes your ability to use this room to its full potential.

As general contractors in Ocala, FL, we at Tallen Builders know how to build a kitchen that is both activity friendly and functional. Here are some popular kitchen layouts and reasons why they work.

L-Shaped Kitchen

L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen reigns as the most popular kitchen layout, and not without good reason. Usually paired with an island, this kitchen design is perfect for families and the average chef. This kitchen layout works with practically every style of home because it is so adaptable. The only real drawbacks to this style are that you do need a bit more room to fit an L-shaped kitchen and there can actually be too much counter space, making everything else in the kitchen look smaller.

U-Shaped Kitchen

This is the high-efficiency kitchen, ideal for the accomplished cook. Guests can gather around the edges without getting in the way of those who are trying to prepare the food. The reason this design is so efficient is because it does not obstruct the kitchen work triangle. This is the triangle that connects the three main work areas of the kitchen: the range, refrigerator and sink. Despite its efficiency, people tend to choose the L-shaped kitchen more often because it allows for more kitchen seating.

Galley Kitchen

While not as popular as it once was, the galley kitchen still has some valuable strengths. With everything in the kitchen located in two parallel lines, this layout is a fantastic use of space. After all, the term does come from the galley of a ship or train, where maximizing on minimal space is a must. Cooking can be done in an assembly line-fashion to cut down on prep time. Most likely, the reason this kitchen layout has decreased in popularity is because it’s not as conducive to the open floor plans that are sought after these days.

I-Shaped Kitchen

I-Shaped Kitchen

The I-shaped kitchen is the simplest design, with everything in a single row. Think of it as half of a galley kitchen. This kitchen is not about optimal efficiency, but rather saving space. Simple and affordable, this style of kitchen is ideal for loft or efficiency apartments.

Universal Design Kitchen

A universal design kitchen is not as much about the shape as it is about features that are accessible for people of all ages and physical abilities. This means creating countertops that kids can work at, cabinets that older generations can reach, and having plenty of space for easy movement throughout the kitchen. Some popular universal design kitchen features include a kitchen door at least 36 inches wide, 42 to 48 inches between countertops and space under the kitchen island so that a wheelchair can be pulled up to it.

Interested in remodeling your kitchen with one of these layouts? Or perhaps you’re on the market for a new home? For your Central Florida building needs, call us at Tallen Builders, or reach us on our contact form. We’d also love to hear about your favorite kitchen layouts on any of our social channels!

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