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In the past, adding a home office was not considered to be the most profitable remodel choice. But according to a survey of builders, architects and manufacturers by the National Association of Home Builders, 94 percent said a home office would be critical in 2015.

As general contractors in Ocala, FL, we at Tallen Builders can create just about any addition to your home, including a home office. If you’re on the market for a new home office, keep these tips in mind.

Questions to Ask before Building a Home Office

Rather than choosing an office addition design plan and ending up with a space that is too big or too small, ask yourself these questions:

– What type of work needs to be done in this space?
– Will clients or colleagues be visiting the space?
– What type of equipment is needed?
– What will need to be stored?
– When will you be doing work in the office and for how long?
– Will you be making frequent calls?
– Will there be video conferences?
– What are the specific needs of your profession?

These types of questions will help you decide on factors like office size, soundproofing, collaborative areas and built-in storage options.

Where to Put Your Home Office


A home office can go virtually anywhere in your home. One popular idea is to remodel space in your home that is already infrequently used. Think formal living rooms and dining rooms. These rooms of the home offer ample space and are usually easy to close off. Some less conventional, but still practical, room remodel options include the garage, attic, sunroom or laundry room. If you can’t bear to part with any existing rooms in your home, you still have options. At Tallen Builders we not only remodel, but can also build an entirely new addition on to your home.

Typical Home Office Cost

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, the average home office costs about $28,000. This cost reflects the average amount spend on converting a 12 by 12 foot room equipped with cabinetry, desk tops, updated electrical wiring, paint and flooring. Of course, this price can fluctuate greatly depending on the materials you use and the amount of construction that must be done. To get a truly accurate idea of the amount you’ll spend, talk with a licensed contractor.

What to Include Inside Your Office

Once you’ve decided the budget, needs and size of your home office, it’s time to consider some important details. Good lighting is essential for a, with natural lighting being the best for productivity. You’ll also need high quality task lighting for times when natural light isn’t available. You’ll also want to think about privacy, ensuring that your home office can be cut off from the hustle and bustle of other household activities. Finally, think about your home office layout. An unorganized office without proper flow will cause stress and slow you down. Ample storage is vital for an organized home office.

Whether you’re ready to remodel an existing room or add on a home office to your home, we can help at Tallen Builders. To start your next building project, give us a call or reach us on our contact form. You can also keep in touch with us on any of our social channels.

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