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Tallen Builders, LLC has been a general contractor in Ocala servicing North Central Florida for over 35 years, and there’s good reason for why we’ve been able to stick around for so long. We pride ourselves in being able to give you a high level of quality at a fair price on your commercial and residential construction projects, as well as a scrutinizing attention to detail. To help you understand a little more about us, let’s get down to basics of what a general contractor does.

What is a General Contractor?

Imagine you’re throwing a party and have decided to hire a party planner. Their purpose is to use their knowledge of the industry to find you the perfect band, baker, caterer, decorator and whatever else you need for the party. This is essentially what a general contractor does, but substitute the bakers and decorators for trusted subcontractors. We’re the ones that oversee the project from start to finish and ensure that everything is being completed to your specifications.

Surely, some of you are wondering if a general contractor is really necessary. Couldn’t you just hire out the subcontractors on your own? While this is true, but it causes much more headache than it’s worth! A good contractor provides you with not only tangible, but intangible benefits.

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Save Money in the Long Run

At Tallen Builders we give you peace of mind with our expertise and building knowledge that has been developed over many years. Many people don’t realize that if they hire a subcontractor on their own, they’re assuming liability for any injuries or damages that occur on the construction site. If you aren’t careful about which subcontractor you choose, you could end up with one that leaves you with a huge mess of extra fees. We don’t want to see you stuck with those costs! Using a general contractor ensures that your job will be done quickly and correctly.

Ease Your Mind with Tallen Builders

Tallen Builders is here to let you sit back and relax while we do the messy work. We have experience building everything from recreation centers to residential communities to equine facilities. You just give us the specifications, and we’ll build it. Our philosophy is to provide all our customers with excellence, quality and service that strives to exceed your expectations.

Go ahead and give us a call for your next building or renovation project in North Central Florida. We’re excited to get started.

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