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When it comes to protecting your home against the elements, the way it’s made is the first line of defense. Proper construction methods and building materials are key factors in the way your home stands up against wind, water and fire.

As general contractors and home builders in Ocala, FL, we at Tallen Builders understand the importance of using home building materials that are resistant to natural forces. When your home is being built, keep these materials in mind.

Block Out Moisture

Use Moisture Resistant Building Materials

The mold, mildew and rot caused by excess moisture not only hurt your home, but interfere with your health. When left for too long, the damage caused by excess moisture can only be dealt with by removing the damaged areas completely. Talk about expensive!

Using moisture-resistant building materials is a great first defense. For the frame of the home, lumber that has been treated with a water-resistant coating can be used. This will help the wood framing stand up against the elements during the building process. For the walls, paperless drywall or gypsum board can be used as they resist soaking up extra moisture. In a humid place like Florida, these are great materials to consider.

Fire-Resistant Materials

While no building is actually fire proof, there are materials that can help make it more fire-resistant. These building materials keep fire from rapidly taking effect, giving those inside plenty of time to escape.

One great defense against the rapid spread of a fire is with fire-resistant glass for windows. Normal windows tend to shatter from the intense heat, meaning a fire could more easily spread into or outside of the home. Dual-paned glass windows help slow the spread of the fire because the heat must break through two layers of glass.

As far as building materials are concerned, concrete, stucco, brick and gypsum are all common materials that are incredibly fire resistant. The concrete, brick and stucco are great because it takes fire a very long time to burn through these materials, giving you a much longer time to get out in an emergency. Gypsum board, or drywall, is fire resistant thanks to the additives it is treated with that work to impede the transfer of heat through it.

Bracing Against the Wind

Brace Your Home Against Strong Winds

For hurricane or tornado-prone areas in particular, it’s important to have proper hardware installed on your home’s siding and roofing. Otherwise, the wind’s uplift will begin peeling your home apart.

High-strength metal connectors installed between all the building elements from the foundation to the roof are a great protective measure to take for your home. An example of where these connectors would be placed is between the top plates of the roof and the wall studs that support them. Having all parts of the home connected helps it resist the prying forces of hurricane and tornado strength winds.

Are you interested in building your home with any of these damage-resistant materials? At Tallen Builders we can build homes to your custom specifications. Send us a message through our contact form or give us a call for help with your new home or next building project. We’d also love to chat on any of our social channels!

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