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With the many risks involved in construction, there’s no room for playing around with safety. Encouraging a culture of safety on project worksites is incredibly important for avoiding unwanted accidents.

At Tallen Builders in Ocala, FL, we understand the need to take proper safety measures on all our projects, just as any general contractor should. Here we list the tips to keep in mind to maintain a safe construction environment.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Everyone working on the job should be well informed of all the possible hazards on the worksite and areas that they should be careful working in or around. A walkthrough should be done on site and the potential dangers should be communicated to all managers and subcontractors working on the job.

Train All Workers on Worksite Safety

Any time new workers join the construction team, they should be briefed on proper safety measures to reduce the amount of injuries on the job. This could be as simple as showing lifting techniques to protect the workers’ backs, to proper handling techniques of mechanical equipment. You should also give an overview of the safety equipment they should be using, such as goggles, hardhats and earplugs.

Keep the Worksite Clean

Keep the Worksite Clean

A clean worksite not only keeps the construction crew safer, but anyone passing by the site as well. Leaving materials strewn about the worksite is a major tripping hazard, so they should be cleaned up daily as soon as possible. You should also be sure to properly dispose of any toxic materials or else they could be a threat to anyone in or outside of the construction site. As a bonus, keeping a clean worksite will also boost your reputation and keep workers more productive.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

Be Prepared for an Emergency

Even in the safest work environments, accidents can happen, so it’s important that you’re prepared for any workplace mishaps. All operators and managers on the job should be prepared to handle electrical and mechanical emergencies, personal injuries and power failures.

Reduce Your Workers’ Stress

Believe it or not, stress can be a safety hazard on the job. Workers with too much stress can develop concentration problems, putting themselves and others at risk. Be sure not to consistently overwork your team and make sure workers know they can always go to a supervisor to voice their concerns.

We hope these safety tips help the general contractors, construction workers and all other readers of this blog understand the ways a construction site can be kept safe. If you want to find a general contractor that takes proper safety precautions in Central Florida, give us a call at Tallen Builders and take a look through our testimonials. You can also reach us on our contact form or through our social media channels.

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