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With each new year comes new home design trends, and with 2015 just a few short months away, we’ve noticed some trends that are sure to be popping up.

As a general contractor in Ocala, FL, we at Tallen Builders specialize in creating custom homes that suite your every need. But for some, coming up with every detail can be difficult. In this blog, we provide the trending home designs for 2015 to give you some inspiration.

Homes Are Getting Smaller

While the size of homes won’t be shrinking drastically, the average home does seem to be getting smaller. According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, home sizes have decreased by about 10 percent since 2010. Most builders believe the average American home in 2015 will be between 2,000 and 2,399 square feet. This could be attributed to numerous factors, including homeowners’ diminished expectations for house price appreciation, a need for lower utility bills and the aging baby boomer generation’s need for smaller homes that are easier to maneuver in with age.

The Rise of the Great Room

The Rise of the Great Room

We’re already seeing this trend in great rooms everywhere, and looks like it will continue to grow in popularity in 2015. A great room is most often the combination of the dining room, kitchen and living area into one large room without the separation of walls. A great room allows for better flow of natural light and easier communication.

More Green Features

Going green continues to be a buzz topic we hear in the housing industry. For homes being built in 2015, we predict a much greater use of environmentally friendly building features. Some of these features include energy-efficient windows, dual-flush toilets, increased insulation and tankless water heaters. Not only will these features protect the environment, but they’ll also lower your utility bill considerably!

A Wide Variety of Interior Color Choices

Wide Variety of Interior Color Choices

In 2015, it looks like there will be on-trend interior color choices for just about any taste. For those who prefer a bold look, a striking Mediterranean Blue is the color designers are raving about. A color this bold is perfect for accent pieces. On the other end of the spectrum, pastels are also coming back into style. Keep them simple to create a relaxed, peaceful mood or pair them with neon accents to make a statement. And finally, for those who want more timeless neutral colors, we’re seeing gray and olive green for 2015.

What do you think about these design trends for the upcoming year? Will you be using any? No matter what trends you go with, we can help you incorporate them into your dream home at Tallen Builders. Call us or reach us on our contact page with any of your new home or renovation questions.

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