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With today’s advances in the construction industry and society’s push for all things to be customizable, you can create practically any house your heart desires. But even in the most outlandish custom home, there are basics to the home building process that will always remain.

As general contractors in Central Florida, we at Tallen Builders think it’s important for any potential homeowner to understand the basics of house building, even if they don’t plan on doing it themselves. When you know how the process works, the home-building process becomes much less stressful. To make things easier, we’ll divide the process into five basic categories.

Choosing the Design

This is the area where your ideas can really shine. One important aspect to remember in this stage is flow. Keep in mind, flow doesn’t necessarily mean an open floor plan. It’s really just about how easy movement is through the home. Next, take your lifestyle into account. Want a small footprint but plenty of space? Start thinking about two or three stories! Love the outdoors? Include a spacious patio in the plan. Make sure to pay extra attention to the kitchen, master bedroom and living area as these are the rooms that will have the highest traffic.

Site Preparation and Foundation

Before anything can be built, the home site must be prepared for construction. Any trees, rocks or other debris must be removed from the site, and then the site must be leveled. From here, the foundation can be laid. The foundation carries the weight of the entire house, so it is important that it is strong. Typically, foundations are made of concrete and reinforced with steel. Plan on having a heavier area of the house (perhaps under a fireplace). The foundation should be made even thicker in these areas.

Walls, Roof and Everything In-between

Steps of Home Building

Once the foundation is set, it’s time to move on to framing, and boy are there options! Most commonly, wood or steel is used, but houses can also be built from brick, cinderblock, logs and more. We’ve recently been seeing trends in more unusual framing for houses such as recycled shipping containers. You’ll also want to make sure your house has proper insulation, no matter what area you live in. You’ll be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and save on your energy bill every month. Roofing types vary practically as much as framing types, with options for shingles, tiles, wood or metal roofs.

Hardware Installation

Not exciting, but necessary, this is the stage where electrical, heating, duct work and plumbing is installed. Unless you’re an expert, this is definitely an area we recommend leaving to the professionals. The last thing you need is to move into your new home and shock yourself turning on a light switch.

Finishing Touches

The finishing materials are the things that make a home livable, and are probably what you imagine when thinking about your dream home. Cabinets, molding, countertops, flooring, you name it. This is the time to add personality to your home. Always wanted lime green walls with a purple shag rug? Go for it! This is a crucial time to really make sure you have good communication with your general contractor.

Are you thinking of building a home? Have questions on where to begin? Reach out to us on any of our social media accounts or through our contact form. At Tallen Builders, we have the answers to any of your custom home-building questions.

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