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With the growing popularity of do-it-yourself (DIY) reality shows and websites, most home improvement projects look easy. Before jumping in and ripping apart sections of your home, make sure to take the time to evaluate if you have the proper tools and resources to complete the job efficiently and not spend a fortune.

Hiring a general contractor such as Tallen Builders will be a valuable addition to any home improvement project. A professional contractor is going to oversee the entire project and make sure that it is completed in a timely manner, on budget and to your specifications. At Tallen Builders, we offer a variety of services with years of experience. On large projects the general contractor will hire all the appropriate people to get the job done correctly; they will manage electricians, plumbers and any other specialist needed. Read further to learn about how a general contractor can aid in your next project.

Hiring General Contractor

Licensed and Insured

All general contractors should be licensed and insured. Before hiring anyone for your project, make sure they can work legally and are following all the rules and regulations of the state. If the contractor is not following all the rules and regulations, they could lose their license. Hiring a licensed contractor ensures you will be working with someone qualified for your project. General contractors have general liability insurance and will be liable for any accidents or damage that could happen on the project site. Making sure your general contractor has insurance will give you peace of mind while they complete your project.

Experience and Estimates

Before deciding on a general contractor, you want to ask around and make sure you are receiving the best value for your dollar. It is highly recommended to get more than one estimate to compare pricing of labor and materials.

In addition, many general contractors have their own suppliers and can save you considerable amounts of time and money. By having these connections, building materials will come to you more quickly at higher quality and more reasonable pricing.


When trying to decide which general contractor is right for you, it might be beneficial to ask friends or family for recommendations. Most people are happy to give both positive and negative feedback based on their experience. Based on their input, you can choose to continue with that contractor or look for another. Another benefit is that you will be able to see firsthand the work the contractor has completed on their project.

The general contractor will be responsible for listening to your vision and making it come to life. This will take a lot of burden off the property owner but will still include all of your ideas and vision. In addition to offering general contracting services, we also have an in-house interior decorator that can help with your design ideas. Tallen Builders of Ocala, FL is the general contractor you can rely on to complete your project. With over 35 years servicing the north central Florida area, Tallen Builders has the experience and recognition you would want in a general contractor. Take a look at our testimonial page for examples of our previous work. If you want a quote on your next project, please contact us. Want to share your next project ideas? Connect with us via social media.

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