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With the development of new technology and push for a more eco-friendly environment, there are a lot of new and redesigned innovations that every homeowner should be aware of.

At Tallen Builders of Ocala, Florida, we encourage you to read further and see how these innovations could apply to your home.

These inventions below cover a wide range of different uses for your household.

DoorBot Lets You Know When You Have Company

DoorBot is a great new device that hangs on your front porch and looks similar to a doorbell. It has a wifi connection for video and will alert you when guests arrive at your door. You will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet and will stop any pets from barking or waking up anyone who might be asleep.

The Nest Thermostat Will Keep You Comfortable

The Nest is every home owner’s dream thermostat. Like most home owners, the heating and cooling unit is one of the most expensive and energy consuming systems in the house. The Nest learns your schedule and preferences after just one week and will program itself to work around your needs. Monitoring activity, humidity and temperature sensors allow the device to adjust for the maximum efficiency. Homeowners can always adjust the device as needed but will rarely need to make changes – creating a hands-free thermostat that works for you.

Smart Glass Regulates the Light in Your Home

Smart glass – The days of drawing the blinds, shades or curtains are over. Smart glass allows the sun’s light to filter into the room but maintains your privacy. The windows can change from clear to translucent, partially blocking the sun’s rays. Depending on the model, the windows can change within seconds or minutes. Some can completely block out light or you can manually operate the window for specific settings. Smart glass saves money by decreasing overall energy costs and automatically regulating the light passing into your home.

LED Bulbs Help You Conserve Energy

New and Improved Innovations for your Home

LEDs (light-emitting diode) bulbs are becoming more popular every year. A lot of innovations have been developed for LED bulbs such as power-saving options. LEDs give brighter light, consume less energy and will last for over ten years. Some LED options will allow you to connect your smartphone, enabling you to turn your lights on and off from anywhere. Additional features can also include multicolored lights or strobe lighting options syncing with your music, which can be controlled individually or all together.

Xeros Makes Laundry Less of a Chore

Laundry is the chore that never seems to end, however Xeros has made washing clothes easier. With their eco-friendly solution using 70% less water, 40% less heat and no detergent, will drastically save on the energy spent while doing laundry. The new patented technology relies upon plastic polymer beads (completely recyclable) that are reusable for hundreds of loads of wash before needing a replacement. The whole process is stored, applied and recovered by the machine with the user only needing to put clothes in and take clothes out.

These are just a few innovations that can be useful in your daily life.

At Tallen Builders of Ocala, Florida we want to provide you with the most relevant solutions for your home. Contact us today or connect with us on social media.

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