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Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see when driving by. It’s the first thing that greets visitors as they walk to your front door and the last thing they see when pulling out of the driveway. You need to make the colors count.

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Here are some tips to help you choose a home exterior color scheme.

Consult HOA guidelines. For communities and neighborhoods governed by homeowner associations, you should learn the rules about acceptable color schemes. For example, a bright blue door may be perfectly acceptable in an adjacent neighborhood, but might not be embraced with open arms in yours. The homes in these communities are expected to have a consistent color scheme in order to keep a single house from devaluing neighborhood properties.

Surf the Internet. Most major paint manufacturers have pre-configured color palettes featured on their websites. This is a great resource for getting color scheme ideas.

Look around your neighborhood. Whether or not you’re expected to follow HOA guidelines, your home will look better if it makes sense in the context of the rest of your neighborhood. If you go with an outlandish color scheme, you could also drastically decrease your home’s resell value.

Take cues from climate and landscaping. If your home is nestled in the woods, it would look much better in earth tones than it would in pastels. When choosing an exterior color scheme, try to go with something that blends into your surroundings.

Exterior Home Colors

Select three colors. For optimal effect, stick to three colors or fewer–one main color for siding, a complementary color for trim and an accent color for doors, shutters and decorative trim. By only using a few colors, you keep the color scheme from overwhelming your house.

Examine paint chips in different lighting. If possible, take paint chips and samples outside to examine them in different light. Your house, after all, will be viewed in all kinds of lighting. Make sure the color scheme you choose looks good in twilight, mid-afternoon and every hour in between.

Pick a versatile roof color. You can’t change roof color as easily as the rest of the house. Go with something simple that can be paired with many different colors, in case you decide to repaint your exterior down the road.

Remember the rule of proportions. You can also use paint to emphasize or mask certain features of your home. Remember that dark colors shrink and bright colors enhance. Use this rule to your advantage.

Consider your house’s style. If you live in a historic home, color palettes from the time period it was built in will look best. If you can chip a paint sample off the house, most professionals can recreate it. Some historians will even find period-appropriate color palettes for you if you ask.

Consult a designer. If you’re not sure where to start, a professional colorist can design a color scheme for you.

Whether you prefer a neutral color palette or something more vibrant, you should be able to use these tips to pick the perfect color scheme. It’s the first thing people see. Make it worth a second look.

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