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There’s no question that building trends have changed throughout history. Want proof? All you have to do is compare the Empire State Building and the Coliseum.

Tallen Builders of Ocala, Fla. understands that building trends are constantly evolving. Keep reading to learn more about building trends throughout history. This is part one of our list. Make sure you watch out for part two!

Prehistoric Building Trends

Before written human history began, people constructed earthen mounds, stone circles, megaliths and monumental structures such as Stonehenge, cliff dwellings in the Americas and thatch and mud structures.

Ancient Egyptian Building Trends

Great Pyramids of Giza

From 3050 to 900 BC, rulers built enormous pyramids, temples and shrines. The Pyramids of Giza are the most famous works of architecture from this era and can still be seen today.

Classical Building Trends

From the rise of ancient Greece in 850 BC to the fall of the Roman Empire in 470 AD, buildings were constructed following precise rules and formulas. The Classical Orders defined column styles and entablature designs, and their influence can still be witnessed in modern buildings.

Byzantine Building Trends

From 527 to 565 AD, architecture evolved into a graceful, classically-inspired style. The new buildings utilized brick rather than stone and featured domed roofs, elaborate mosaics and classical forms.

Romanesque Building Trends

As Rome spread across Europe from 800 to 1200 AD, stocky architecture with rounded arches fell into fashion. The churches and castles constructed during this era were made with thick walls and heavy piers. Some of these strong structures are still standing today.

Gothic Building Trends

Notre Dame Cathedral

From 1100 to 1450 AD, pointed arches, ribbed vaulting and flying buttresses became popular. The installation of these features led to taller, more graceful architecture–a concept that is exemplified by magnificent cathedrals such as Notre Dame and Chartres.

Renaissance Building Trends

During the Renaissance (1400 to 1600 AD), architects returned to classical ideas and participated in an “age of awakening” in Italy, England and France. After the Renaissance, builders continued to be inspired by the era’s beautifully proportioned architecture.

Baroque Building Trends

The opulent and dramatic churches of 1600 to 1830 AD best represent the Baroque Period. These churches boasted irregular, asymmetric shapes and extravagant ornamentation that attracted worldwide attention. This architectural style can be seen in the Palace of Versailles and the buildings of St. Petersburg, as well as throughout most of Europe.

As times have changed, so, too, have popular building trends. We’ve come a long way from the Prehistoric Era to the Baroque Period, but we’re not finished. Stay tuned for part two of this interesting series!

At Tallen Builders of Ocala, Fla., we want to help you build the project of your dreams. For more information about building trends or how we can help you, feel free to contact us or reach out via social media.

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